We provide a full range of Pre-Construction services that include Budgeting, Scheduling, Value Engineering and Design Review. Our experience in both Commercial and Aquatic divisions is broad reaching, ranging from Renovation/Upgrades, Tenant Improvements and New Construction for Large Commercial Retail & Restaurant Establishments and  New Construction of some of the Raleigh Area’s and most Prestigious Aquatic Amenities being built today.


General Contracting

Building Commercial - Unlimited 

Design-Build Services, Including:

3D Modeling and Perspective Design Services

PM&E Engineering *

Structural Engineering *

Aquatic Engineering * 

Construction Management (CM at Risk) 

Preconstruction Phase:

Preliminary designs includes two rounds of revisions prompted by the Owner or permitting department

Retain and designate an A/E for the Project, which will helps facilitate performance of our duties and responsibilities, coordinate all A/E Drawings, Specifications, and other Construction Documents as they are needed during all the different design phases of the Project and Planning Approval.

Collaborate with Owner’s Civil Engineer, supply them with necessary documentation needed for planning submittals and site design

Provide information and recommendations to the Project Team, and on all other matters that are in the normal and customary province of the Design/Build Contractor for a Pool and Clubhouse Amenity; building equipment, systems and construction feasibility; availability and selection of materials and labor; time requirements for construction, cost factors, construction methods or designs, conceptual budgets and possible cost savings available in alternative approaches or designs; identification and resolution of conflicts in the proposed Drawings and Specifications as they evolve;

 Submit to the permitting department for construction permit once Planning’s Letter of Approval has been received

Submit to the County Health Department for swimming pool approval

Once the construction Documents are 95% complete and planning has been approved, we will finalize the guaranteed maximum price.

Construction Phase:

Supervise and direct the work, responsible for and have control over construction means, methods, techniques, sequences and procedures, and for coordinating all portions of the work under the Design/Build (Master Land Development Agreement Contract), unless the Contract Documents give other specific instructions concerning these matters.                                                               


Project Closeout Phase:


Coordinate project handoff to HOA & HOA designated CPO. Assist HOA with account(s) setup